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Julius Randle 2017-2018 Outlook


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It's not Randle Kuzma or Nance better but who fits better with L.Ball.


Randle is movement killer big player who has no outside shot. Also, he needs the ball. Nance, does not need the ball relies on dunks, putbacks etc. Kuzma has the 3pointer so he can fit better with Lonzo.


Seems like Randle is not a good fit with L.Ball.



He may be better player than both Kuzma and Nance overall but still, not a good fit here.



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2 hours ago, HulkSmash said:


Nope, but as a business owner / manger, I want my guys to fully buy in, and Randle did just that and literally changed his body to prove it.


Lakers probably will end up trading Randle since they may not want to sign him long term, so yes, that's another smart reason to give him minutes right now and showcase.


Lance is not "better" and Kuzma is a rookie.  He's not a lotto pick in his contract year.  It's been 3 games, guys.  Let's see how this shakes out.  I'm betting on Randle getting that spot back for a number of reasons, and he proves that he's ready to contribute.



lance is way better for what the lakers are doing .. better defender, moves the ball, high bball iq, makes quick decisions. all stuff randle lacks in. and i was a big randle proponent just a year ago. 

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3 hours ago, dekciw_1 said:

I know you want to make your case for drafting Randle at #62,  but blaming Luke is hilarious.

You people really think lifting weights and cutting body-fat are enough to make someone a better basketball player? Are you both serious.... you think the NBA is some kind of a Mr.Olympia tournament?

Yes, that's exactly why I think Walton is doing a horrible job so far this season.  It has everything to do with the fact that I drafted Randle at #62 in my draft.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I honestly think he is doing a horrible job because of his 12-man rotations taking away playing time from even the so called better players than Randle.  Nance, the guy he chose to start rather than Randle and the supposed better player, played only 22 minutes in the second game of the season after having a good debut and now has played just over 6 minutes tonight halfway through he second quarter.  I also do think the NBA is a Mr. Olympia tournament, which is I'm sure exactly what Magic told Randle when he wanted him to get into better shape and such.  Yet, for the quality numbers and the legitimate work he put in during the offseason, he is rewarded by basically being an afterthought in the rotation.


A plot twist though is the fact that I don't even have Randle anymore.  I don't feel like dealing with Walton making the Lakers pretty much a black hole for fantasy beyond a handful of guards and Lopez.

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You see howeasy it is to make an argument over 1-2 games?


Randle looks great out there with Lonzo, and his hustle is one of the main reasons they're back in this game tonight.


He bought in to Magic, and he deserves the start and the minutes until proven otherwise.  Don't write him off, he's earn a shot to produce on this young team.  If he has the time to show his improved play, and better condition, he could prove a lot of doubters wrong. The younger guys like Nance, and Kuzma aren't in a contract year, and have time to develop.

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5 minutes ago, JStyles said:

Sooo if we are done with that pointless argument - got more minutes than Nance in their last game, put up a decent line and the Lakers were competitive against a far superior team.


Future looking brighter?


1 game under Waltons 12 Man rotation. The rollercoaster hasn't even begun yet.

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57 minutes ago, KaanYeez said:

They won because of him. Luke Walton just does not get it.

Julius Randle played only 19 minutes during Wednesday's OT victory, but he was big down the stretch to finish with 11 points, nine rebounds and three blocks.
Randle made his only 3-point attempt and was 5-of-7 overall. He was involved in L.A.'s late-game pick-and-rolls, and he held his own defensively on multiple switches vs. John Wall, including a potentially game-saving block. "We don't win that game without him," Luke Walton said afterward. He's yet to play more than 24 minutes in a game, of course, and we're not getting excited while Kyle Kuzma and Larry Nance are both around.
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35 minutes ago, KaanYeez said:

Walton is just so bad. The last two games, Randle has sparked the comeback. No where to be seen tonight. Smh Walton.

He was really good when he was on the court tonight.


I hate Walton as much as you, but it's not just his handling of Randle.  I've already talked about that several times in here though (12-man rotations, making Nance the starting PF when it should have been Randle's to lose, and even his handling of Nance from game to game).  Randle really needs traded.  Or Walton needs to be fired, but I don't see that happening.

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