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LMA for Gary Harris? WHIR

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Haven't proposed trade yet but was wondering if I should trade LaMarcus Aldridge for Gary Harris. Value wise I think they are similar, with Harris having a higher ceiling and lower floor. It's for my team in sig below. I could use another high efficiency 3pt shooter. The only question is aside from Turner my other centers are late round high upside picks and I'm not sure if they'd keep my rebounds and block afloat until season starts. Should I go ahead and propose or wait til season starts? WHIR 

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Wouldn't make the trade.  I really like G Harris, but LMA can still ball, especially as the second option (or first option if Kawhi's injury is more serious).  Looking at your guard lineup, I have no idea why you'd want another shooter.


Also consider that your bigs are nebulous in terms of contributions.  Myles has never been an amazing rebounder.  WCS is a question mark for me with Z-Bo in Sac-town (even though they're building) and so is Dedmon.  If you can tell me with certainty that Favors will stay healthy this year, I will buy that miracle mattress he was using two years ago.


Care to help with mine?


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