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Draymond Green 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Latest News (Dec 19, 2017) Tom Chambers (shoulder) is listed as questionable for Wednesday's game against the Grizzlies. Analysis: It was recently reported that Chamber

just dropped draymond for terry rozier

Don't make stuff up man...there is already enough misinformation out there

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6 hours ago, summersoff7 said:

quazza- you wouldn't trade Green for Porzingis?  lol wut?


Id take draymond over porz as well. I usually punt PT category, and this skyrockets greens value to top 10, top 8.


Different situation in NY tho. They are getting drafted neck and neck.

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46 minutes ago, durel_arroyo said:

Im so thankful for the one who changed the predraft ranking of yahoo and placed Draymond at 26th as I was able to pick him at 27th. Whoever you are, you are doing a good job!..lol


Man I wish...had him targeted at 16 and he went 12th. :unsure:

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1 minute ago, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

2 shots 2 free throws 5 dimes 1TO in 9 minutes. The usage is there, but with the Warriors propensity to blow teams out he might not play much. Still, I think it's an overreaction... maybe they're trying to find some new lineups since the team has new players?



Still gonna try to trade him I think for someone else in the 2nd round if I can.

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16 minutes ago, 12345game10 said:



Still gonna try to trade him I think for someone else in the 2nd round if I can.

his line is nasty for 15minutes...


7pts 8a 4r 1blk 1TO on 2/5 fg 40% and 2/2 FT...


If you can get 2nd round value that would be nice, I personally got Dray at the third and is super easy to build around. The points aren't gonna all be there but he's their best defensive player, Green will get his.

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Just need another 3 points and I'll call this first outing a total success :D (maybe a steal or another blk or two as well :P).


First time owning Draymond (not a fan of him as a player to be honest) but I think I might just enjoy this ride....

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