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How bad are the Bulls going to be?


When do you take the 1st Bull?


Who is it?


There are just too many stats for a team to not have SOMEONE get them.  I was expecting Mirotic to be that guy but they seem disinterested in developing him and he has barely gotten minutes off the bench in pre-season.

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I still think it's Mirotic until Lavine comes back, but it's not like I'd bet a lot of money on that, and I wouldn't draft him until late.  With minutes, Dunn can get you late assists, which is usually pretty huge (although Teodosic can this year, too), and probably some steals.  But he'll tank your FG%.  I have no faith in Markannen, Portis, or Felicio.  Justin Holiday is...maybe?  


I wouldn't be against drafting Lopez late.  Although I usually go for upside, at least you know what you're getting with him.

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Nikola Mirotic - 3's, Blocks, Steals, Rebounds, Punt FG%

Robin Lopez - FG%, Rebounds, Blocks

Justin Holiday - Points, Steals, Punt FG%

Denzel Valentine - 3's, Assist, Rebounds, Semi-Punt FG%


Only players worth rostering. The rest is waiver wire fodder.

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Grant, Dunn, Holiday, and Valentine can contribute to your fantasy team if they get big minutes.  So can Portis and Felicio.  As opposed to like Zipser, who can't.


But are any of them good enough that Hoiberg is going to give one or two of them like 28 minutes a night, day in and day out?  Or just platoon the whole ******** team?


I'm a diehard Bulls fan and this might end up being worse than the 99 team led by Kukoc, which was easily the worst Bulls squad I've ever seen.  These guys could compete with those epically bad Sixer and Bobcat teams.

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Just now, Judicious said:

Gonna take a swing at Jerian Grant with my streamer spot


Ive got him and Mirotic for their Thursday game week 1, depending how my matchup is going and how they look one or both may be gone for someone who plays Friday and Sunday.  

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4 hours ago, ryno1980 said:

Lavine could be on the floor in December. Not right away but, he'll be a 20 ppg, 2.5 3-pointers, 3 assist combo guard. Not bad for a 10th-round price tag.


i actually took in the 9th and am stashing on my IR & took Holiday in round 15.

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