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Mike Conley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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“On Wednesday night, prior to the Grizzlies tipping off against Indiana, David Fizdale and Mike Conley confirmed what many fans had surmised: Mike Conley was not playing at 100%. In an attempt to get healthy, he would be sitting out for an undisclosed amount of time.

Today, there was a little more information released on the issue. Chris Vernon, on his own show as well as the Pick and Popcast with the Commercial Appeal's Chris Herrington, said the issue wasn't Conley's Achilles, as most thought, but his ankle. It was also revealed that the injury hadn't just affected his play, either; it had also kept him out of shootaround, something Conley took very seriously when preparing to face an opponent.

If there's a bright spot from this, it's that at least this isn't the Achilles. We've seen how devastating Achilles injuries can be, and the last thing the Grizzlies need, both short and long term, is their max money point guard to rupture that tendon. At least this injury, based on Conley's comments, will just need a little time off.


It's obvious that this is what's best for Conley and the team. Anyone who's watched Mike over the course of his career could've told you he wasn't right, and the Grizzlies need him performing at a high level if they want to compete even for a playoff spot in the hyper-competitive West.”

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2 hours ago, dorwell said:

Great news imo


Indeed, I'd way rather it be a sore ankle than an achilles issue, the latter seems like it would be a huge cause for concern moving forward, this seems like he can actually recover and return to his old-self.

A friend of mine told me after the Milwaukee game he saw him limping on the side as soon as the buzzer sounded.



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The Grizzlies have announced that Mike Conley (Achilles) will miss at least two more weeks.

Here's the full statement from the team: "Conley will undergo therapy and treatment to help promote healing and alleviate soreness in his left heel and Achilles following consultations with physicians. There is no timetable for his return at this time. Further updates will be provided in approximately two weeks." Mario Chalmers is expected to remain the starter while Conley is sidelined. Chalmers is averaging 11.0 points and 6.0 assists in 27.4 over Memphis' last two games. Tyreke Evans will continue to log heavy minutes off the bench as well.
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1 hour ago, 23_gaby_23 said:

Time to add Chalmers and even Dillon and see what happens..

I want to add Chalmers but that would mean I would have to drop JaMychal Green (who I added when Steven Adams was injured)... Contemplating...

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Its his ankle not his achilles. Why are people saying they dodged a bullet? He'll be back and ballin. Good luck with lou will and hood and whatever other horrible impulsive trades you made in week 5 of the season lmao

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