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9 owners needed for new 16 team 8 most cat Dynasty

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I'm needing 9 quality owners to fill some spots up for a new dynasty draft. Basic 8 categories.This is a Dynasty league so you'll keep your entire team. We'll have an offline 2 round rookie draft in the offseason.


I'm looking for some active owners and serious inquirers. Guys that will be on our league chat and will communicate on there and responding to trade offers within a reasonable time. We have a Xat chat on the page, so come and chat. When you go to our league page, you'll see a Xat page. Your name will pop up as a green icon in the top right hand corner of that chat. Click that and you will be able to change the default name it gives you to whatever you choose. 


Our draft will be on Monday, October 16th at 7 pm EST. The league is NCAA themed so just pick an NCAA team once you sign up. 


Our hopes are to create a dual league system where we do baseball and football, but that is still in talks. So if you're interested in those as well, let us know. Leave that email or come chat with us! 


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Hey, can you send me the details? My email is feltenberger85@yahoo.com and my name is Scott. I have a group of about 6 guys but we don't have enough for our own league. We're all pretty serious, had an 8 person dynasty but 2 guys are dropping out. Thanks!

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