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Jae Crowder 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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It was only a matter of time. 


He was on a new team, needed time to gel, and the Cavs were awful altogether in first couple of weeks. I think everyone knew they won't play bad for too long, and Crowder is important to them in many ways so I believe he will be ok for the remainder of the season.

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Sans IT, he's right behind KLove for offensive touches for shots, so either way, he might return to being borderline unusable again if he doesn't get enough usage when IT returns but that won't be for a while and who knows, maybe he'll be better then. They love him since he's so versatile (Jeff Green is still inconsistent, though yes he's been good and was stealing some of his minutes in the beginning) and I see him getting decent/nice percentages unless he just stinks up the joint himself by bricking/missing, something that looks less likely as the season wanes on and gets more comfortable playing w/ them. I noticed as of late, Lebron has been making it a focal point to keep him involved throughout the game esp. if the game is close, they need his aggressiveness on both ends of the floor to potentially close out games. The Cavs are also 9-0 when Crowder scores 10+ points, so expecting 2 3pm/1 stl per game is not too farfetched IMO and his FT shooting has been solid + they need his offense now that Rose is out indefinitely so being thin at the guard already hurts being down an additional slasher to the rim, which Crowder loves doing since the defense is so focused on Love/LBJ


Starting to come off waivers...

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1 hour ago, Boston Home said:

His usage might go down again once the injured players (I.T., TT, Shump, Rose) comes back. Need to trade him while he is doing well.


Fixed. None of those players you mentioned are even really relevant to hurting Crowder's production....

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