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Add Agholor, Gallman, and/or Eifert? (WHIR)

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I have an empty slot.  I am also not married to Amendola, Mack, or Lewis.  Which of the following should I add (can choose more than one if you're also suggesting a drop):


Agholor? He could start getting a better share of PHI's passing game, but he also plays out of the slot and has to compete with Jeffrey and Ertz for targets.  

Gallman? NYG could be looking at a RBBC but Gallman looks like their best option. 

Eifert?  He's more of a stash in case he ever gets healthy and Trubisky doesn't really boost Miller's stock.  TE's been my weakest spot all year.


12-team ESPN standard scoring redraft league: QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-FLEX-TE-DST-K plus 7 bench spots. 

My team:

QB - Brady

RB - Freeman, Zeke, CJA, Blount, Mack

WR - Jordy, Fitzgerald, Thielen, Fuller, Amendola, R.Lewis

TE - Miller

DST - Washington

K - Lutz

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I would stash Gallaman if OBJ wasn't injured. That team might be in full tank mode aiming to do better next year. 


I rather have Amendola over Agholor. Better QB play


Eifert for Lewis would be the move I'd make if I had to but even at that I don't ever trust me to get healthy

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