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Rate my team! 10th pick 10 team h2h

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H2H 10 team standard 9 cat.  I had the 10th pick. Playoffs 21-23.
The league was hyper aggressive in picking up big men, hence my lack of them. It's OK though since they don't really add that much to my current build. 
Round Pick Player Position
1. (10) Damian Lillard PG
2. (11) Chris Paul PG
3. (30) Klay Thompson SG,SF
4. (31) Marc Gasol C
5. (50) Victor Oladipo PG,SG
6. (51) Trevor Ariza SG,SF
7. (70) Nerlens Noel PF,C
8. (71) Isaiah Thomas PG
9. (90) Brandon Ingram SG,SF
10. (91) Dario Saric SF,PF
11. (110) Derrick Favors PF,C
12. (111) Josh Richardson SF
13. (130) Boban Marjanovic C



i have a pending trade offer that would send oladipo for rubio. what do you guys think?

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I think it is pretty solid. I'm not sure about that Ingram pick not really sold on him being a significant contributor. You do lack in a few of the big man stats ie FG%, BLKs, and REBs.  You are lacking a bit in assists, since CP3, Lillard, and Gasol isn't quite enough and Thomas is injured for a bit. However, if you do get rubio that would help.



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