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Who should I draft at #2 overall?

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Hi all, 


My game is fantasy baseball.  I'm a huge Knicks fan, but fantasy basketball has never been my strong suit.  Perhaps I'm used to losing in basketball scenarios.  Anyway, after coming in 19th last year with a tank job that involved grabbing some nice draft picks in trades, I sit with the #2 pick.  I don't know who the guy at #1 is picking.  I feel like there are basically 4-5 guys I could target at #2.  


I can't draft: Giannis or Towns.  They are keepers.

The Internet is telling me to draft: Russell Westbrook.  Why?  Because he's #1 most places.  Also, it seems like he averaged a quadruple-double last year? Points, rebounds, assists, and turnovers?  Also, Kevin Durant - he is ranked #1 on Yahoo.  

Who I want to draft: Stephen Curry.  OK, am I living too much in 2015-16?  I just think he's the man.  He shoots for a higher percentage than Harden and Westbrook.  He could average 4.5 3's.  He has nearly HALF the TO's as Westbrook and Harden.  He gets more steals.  Sure, he doesn't have the boards and dimes of those two, but don't the other categories even it out?  Plus, I can't think that Westbrook will be able to stat-stuff as much as last year, as the team will be more focused on the 3-pronged attack.  Chris Paul will be handling the ball in Houston, which will limit Harden's TO but also his AST.


Am I crazy to want Steph?  Like I said, fantasy hoops isn't my thing, so I apologize if this is a dumb question.  But can you help a (Splash) Brother out??

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7 hours ago, Runelvys Hernandez said:

Thanks. Not sure if Durant will be available - he very well may go #1.

True, and Harden is bound to take a hit with Paul coming to town, drop in assists and 3 PM, I might go with Curry honestly now that I think about it. 

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