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How did my draft go? 10 team 9CAT H2H 3rd Pick-WHIR

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  • quizzinyoface changed the title to How did my draft go? 10 team 9CAT H2H 3rd Pick-WHIR

i think you did good though you need to improve your AST and STL. You only have harden in elite assists with only horford and smart to support it a bit. a bit early too in ingram and chriss considering this is a 10-teamer.  if you can flip one of your upside boys (ingram, chriss, murray) for someone with good asts/stl, you'lll be fine. 


please help?


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Either boost up assists to help Harden like hoopking said, or move him for a punt assist top 5 guy. Kawhi/KD or Kyrie/Lillard + a good filler. 


Turner at 18 feels high, must've been more proven guys at that spot... but if you're that high on him, that's fine since he's got a unique skillset.

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Unsure why you'd take Harden with the 3rd pick, and fail to surround him with assts and 3's. Horford is almost a waste here since his biggest asset as a big is his assts. I would move him or Harden and play up your strengths which are your bigs. Problem there is out of Horford and Serge, they don't grab as many boards as you'd like, though during most weeks this shouldn't be a problem. I think you will struggle with assts, steals, and fg%. You'll be average in Pts and 3's. Elite in blocks and ft%. You'll prob do well in TO, though Harden is the worst in that regard, so i'd prob try to trade him for someone like Kawhi, who would be a step up.

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