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Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Me right now reading through this thread after dropping him this weekend    

Calling it right now. He'll lead the NBA in blocks this year.                         And steals, and points, and rebounds, and 3s, and

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On 10/20/2017 at 2:40 PM, NBatum88 said:

Dropping ANY player after 2 games barring injury, let alone a guy you probably drafted in the first 8 rounds, is a bad move.


2/82 games = 2.4% of the season. You are saying that a 2.4% sample size is enough to determine his value for the entire season? Huge mistake. Especially as a young guy on a bad team you would expect more minutes as the season progresses.


The only exception is if you play in like an 8 person league where there are fairly solid options on the waiver. 


Give him at least a few weeks guys!! 


@tremixt to be fair I do throw in a non hyperbole post every once in a while :ph34r:

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lol, seriously though, Chriss is freed.  It's fairly obvious Watson was fired because he refused to play Chriss (and was losing not just frequently but badly).  The fact that Chriss balled out and actually WON a game with Triano (granted, the Kings are garbage and he was against Z-Bo) means he's likely looking at more minutes.  Chriss' foul issues are still there and he still commits mental blunders, but he's athletic, shoots the trey, and appears more confident on defense without Watson.


I'm hoping for a James/Booker/Warren/Chriss/Len combo in the future for the full-on youth movement...I'm also hoping they don't accept the Nuggets' trade with Faried and Mudiay for Bledsoe though; Chriss' PT hinges on being backed mostly by Bender a bit, so I'd rather him not have to contend for his starting role.


Anyway, kudos to everyone who held on.  I can't remember what I posted last after the pages of "WHOOO!!" from excited Chriss owners, but I think I was urging everyone to stay pat with him.

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On 10/23/2017 at 3:32 PM, wideopen21 said:



Both are correct, but that isn't really all that relevant today. Everyone that drafted him knew about his maturity/foul issues and factored that in to what we projected from him. What no one saw was Chriss being benched and relegated to 13mpg after going 12.7ppg/.9stl/1.4blks/.50pct fg in the second half of the season playing 27mpg. Many assumed those stats were a leaping off point heading into this season. 


All Chriss owners care about today is that he may start and if not, it looks like he will at least be getting more minutes tonight than in any other game thus far this season. 


You may have been right. Kudos. 


He seemed excited just to play. He kept his act together. Now let's see he can continue to keep his act together. Continue to grow.

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Good to hear.  Still, that's a little annoying...man, all these injuries; I've had literally 7 injured players on my team.

Would've been nice to see what Chriss could've done against Favors, but just glad most of these injury scares are minor with him.

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He was having a bad game before the injury. Which is not surprising coming off a good game and playing the Jazz. I still wouldn't trust him going forward until he puts together a few good games in a row. Love the talent, just don't love the Basketball IQ. He always looks like he is doing the Suns a favor by playing and would rather be on a couch playing NBA2K.

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