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Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Me right now reading through this thread after dropping him this weekend    

Calling it right now. He'll lead the NBA in blocks this year.                         And steals, and points, and rebounds, and 3s, and

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Is it just me or does he show zero effort out there. Just walks around and occasionally plays defense. I watched his whole 7 minutes in the 3rd and he let a few guys blow right by him for layups. I wonder if the coaches see the same thing.

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Well...at least he only had 2 fouls.  Actually, I think I'd rather see him with 5, as that'd be a good reason why he'd only get 15 minutes.  Still don't understand why the Suns don't just let him play.  I mean, they're not going anywhere.  Are Tyson and Dudley part of their youth movement?


Of course, it's always nice to check in here and feel the grief from the diminishing number of Chriss owners...I'm honestly hoping that guys in my own leagues are planning on dropping Chriss too.  Still have hope he'll break out at some point.

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Ok so i watched a bit of the game. the three that bricked badly was cringe-worthy oh man. Anwyays theirs faults on both sides.


Chriss just doesn't seem that interested especially on D. hes 20 years old and a kid so hes not even close to being mature/professional. that being said he has a lot of upside/talent if he just put some effort. We have seen what he is capable of from post all-star break last year.


Second, I blame the organization/coach. Jay Triano is not head coach in this league and his rotations make no sense. Why in Gods green earth is Chandler out there playing ~25-30 mins I don't know. Unless they are trying to showcase for a trade which makes sense. Otherwise I am pretty sure you got the green light from up top to develop the young guys and give them as much run. You are not world beaters, not even close. What you do have is a ton of young guys that need RUN and need to develop chemistry/habits. That is your goal and your only goal. If you lose a lot of games so be it, higher draft pick, maybe management flips it for a decent vet in the off season if you feel the young guys make enough progress this year (Wins/Losses are not as important when rebuilding but growth of your players is). Stop wasting your time with the Chandlers/Dudley's of the world. *SMH*

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47 minutes ago, 2013myyear said:

Potential don't mean s--- if he ain't getting minutes and also, if he's not doing anything with them when he does get PT. Not worth the headache this season. Not touching him even if he strings together a few decent games. 


If Chriss is the worst guy on your team that’s a great thing. I hate to say the upside thing but I am sure not many people have a guy like Chriss as there worst player.  Unless it’s a shallow league Chriss should still be owned. 

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