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Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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34 minutes ago, hungry said:

Shot terribly today (couldn't hit the three to save his life and was taking on some of Warren's usual load), but had a very solid line besides that, especially considering he was playing against the Spurs.  And for the people who were mad at his FTs, he had *GASP* 0 FTs!!!! 


12-7-1 2stls, 1blk is a very good game for Chriss against a team like the Spurs. 

Not to mention he was 6-12 from inside the arc so just needed to hit a couple of those 3's to have a really nice stat line.

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Me right now reading through this thread after dropping him this weekend    

Calling it right now. He'll lead the NBA in blocks this year.                         And steals, and points, and rebounds, and 3s, and

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It was a great sign of relief to see Chriss producing against a team like the Spurs. He just passed the test of consistency. He stayed out of foul trouble against a physical team and guarded Leonard at times which is a sign of Triano's trust in him. It was also nice to see that he is the one who benefits the most from Warren's absence with a good usage bump (even though he was not efficient but who cares...:D)

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7 minutes ago, rage2021 said:

Player comparison for this guy at peak?who can legit average 2 blocks and 2 threes? Maybe porzingas light 


Not sure if we have seen anything like him in the history of the NBA. What about a combination of Hassan Whiteside and Kyle Korver? 


Jokes aside, the closest thing that comes to mind is Draymond minus the assists?? in terms of fantasy output obviously. 

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im barely up free throws, one or two misses may make me lose. however i’m down by 5 rebounds but the other guy got 2 bigs vs my chriss, prince and jrich. down 4-5. may bench chriss to just keep it 4-5 instead 3-6. or leave chriss and hope to win 5-4 

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I've made a lot of mistakes in my time reacting off an injury w/o thinking. I'm holding until I hear more. 1/1/1 ain't easy to find on the wire, no matter how inconsistent he is. We have seen his potential over these past 2 weeks. He deserves to be held until we hear more about his injury. The rest could serve him well, too. Think about the long game, not the short game. Same with Kawhi. 

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19 minutes ago, Trench Mob said:

If people really depending on this kid to bring you a championship, then you're in trouble lol. 

I'm depending on him as my end of the roster spot. My wire is barren like a desert. Most barren it's been all year. Rodney Hood and Marcus Smart are my 2 best options, and they don't have more upside than Chriss. THJ is still a week or two away, so I'm holding Chriss. 

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