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Marquese Chriss 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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17 minutes ago, -M- said:

For what it’s worth, seems the Phoenix Suns are looking at deals involving Marquese Chriss. Several teams seem to be involved, with the Lakers being considered the Favorites.


That's not good news. First off, the Suns are terrible and were seemingly willing to play Chriss through his rough stretches. The fact that they are willing to move him means they may be giving up on him (even if they don't trade him). Second, any team that trades for him won't have the flexibility (crappy Suns roster) to play him enough minutes.

I hope I am wrong...

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Me right now reading through this thread after dropping him this weekend    

Calling it right now. He'll lead the NBA in blocks this year.                         And steals, and points, and rebounds, and 3s, and

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5 minutes ago, DavidbivaD said:


why? there is a gluttony of bigs on the Lakers, and this will ruin Chriss' value


assuming he be traded for randle, him and nance can probably co-exist. and just think he would benefit from a change of scenery. but who knows. 

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3 minutes ago, brosephd said:


assuming he be traded for randle, him and nance can probably co-exist. and just think he would benefit from a change of scenery. but who knows. 


Right, i mean IF they at the same time get rid of some of their bigs, then yes I would love to see Chriss get a change of scenery. 

If not though.. there just wouldn't be enough minutes for everyone there and it'd ruin like all of LA's front court players for fantasy.

Plus the fact that it's literally impossible to guess who Walton's going to play on a night to night basis...


Best case scenario: Chriss for Randle, and Brolo rots away on bench with towel over his face for rest of season (i have no shares of Brolo lol)


Actually, true best case scenario is for him not to be traded lol and play tons of minutes on a craptastic Suns team

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1 hour ago, wideopen21 said:
John GambadoroVerified account @Gambo987
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In regards to Marquese Chriss trade rumors - totally false. No truth to it at all. Suns have not discussed trading Chriss. They like him and I don't see them moving him.

I knew that was BS. They put up with a lot of his bull**** so that means they like him. Imagine he played for Carlisle lol ...and you guys will see..by end of this week he will be starting and beasting again, of course with the occasional foul trouble and idiot play dud in between. Still someone I want in playoffs big risk big reward.

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1 hour ago, chud12 said:

What a horrid showing in the 1st quarter, I own this dude.. 


home alone hd GIF

Yeah. He's just 20 and we know, huge upside, he got Popped tonight. Gonna be good though, like that young PF for the Bulls better. Think he's gonna put up some gems after the break though. Next year I will run and get him again, say after the 7th rnd. Forget a ADP..

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1 hour ago, cdd10 said:

i wish the hype would just end on this guy he is not that good i think anthony bennett might be better. 

Well considering he's not ball dominate and Booker was out, wasn't much out there tonight. Suns going through some tough growing pains. We should have saw improvement from this squad this year, but we didn't. Youth development like the Lakers and hopefully he pans out and keeps his head straight. Yeah, big fan of his, cuz I see the upside. Now next year, if he comes in doing the same things as this year, I give up on him. Should see growth in these young players. Really had high hopes for Mudiay. Sooo much upside, but after last year, I knew he wasn't ready for the NBA. Sooo athletic for a PG, but can't shoot and too many TO's.   

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6 hours ago, chud12 said:

It seriously looked like it was the first time he picked up a basketball, smh.


After many months of intensive research, I've cracked the case.


Chriss has short term amnesia, like in the movie 50 First Dates.


So, every morning, he wakes up and has to watch a movie that teaches him about his basketball life and how to play basketball.

That's why, when every game he gets on the court and we're looking at him and wondering "WTF are you doing!?!?!?!"

He's actually learning to play basketball on the spot! Every single day!

So when you thought that looked like the first time he picked up a basketball, it might've actually been!


So really, he's not the mind bogglingly low iq basketball player we think he is.

He's actually REALLY REALLY smart, considering he's playing NBA level basketball while learning to play all over again on a daily basis!


Wow. What a player. That's a genius level basketball savant right there.

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