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6th year keepers needs 4 owners!!

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10-team h2h each cat.

we keep 5.

The league started off 6 years ago in a different way, with each owner getting 1 NBA team and 2 keepers from that team, and then using ranking methods, we snake picked a second NBA team and 2 keepers from that team. Then we snaked like normal with our 4 keepers (hence the odd team names).

Draft will be on opening day, Tuesday at 10 ET (subject to change slightly)

We have a great group of guys, just cutting out the bad apples.


Here are the teams and keepers:

Denver Blazers- Kawhi, Jokic, Draymond, Millsap, Cousins

Charlotte Clippers- CP3, IT, B Griffin, Oladipo, Pau Gasol (first pick in draft)

LA Rockets- Lowry, Beal, McCollum, Dwight, Wade, Batum (pick 5)

Cleveland Pacers- D-loading, LAM, Tobias Harris, Ibaka, G Monroe, Jabari Parker (pick 5) (second pick in draft)


Here is a link to the league:



leave your email here if interested or email me at Zach.carlsen98@gmail.com!



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Owners for clippers and Rockets have not joined, so teams still available!

also a new team has become available; 

Game breakers: 

George, Derozan, Love, Myles Turner, Marc Gasol


Again draft is TONIGHT at 10 ET! 

leave email if interested!!


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