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4th year keeper drafting TONIGHT

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draft is set for 11 ET, but doing some cleaning up of owners, so looking for 5 new quality and committed owners to add to the competitiveness of the league.

h2h most cats, we keep 6

Teams available are: 

Portland Mavs: Lillard, Jamaal Murray, LAM, M gasol, Rudy gay, Batum, Brook Lopez (pick 6)

Minnesota Knickerbockers: PG, Jokic, Wiggins, Melo, Conley, It, Horford

Miami Pelicans: A Davis, the Greek Freak, Whiteside, D Rose, Beal, Rondo (other options avail for 6)

Chicago Kings: Drummond, McCollum, Saric, Monroe, Fournier, Ingram and 2 second pick in draft

Houston Magic: Harden, Oladipo, Vucevic, J Parker, Gallinari, and options for 6

Here is the league link:



leave email here or email me Zach.carlsen98@gmail.com

again, draft is TONIGHT!!

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14 minutes ago, DeeJaiJCole said:

I'd take the Mavs but it doesn't look like you'll be drafting anytime soon

someone just took the Magic.... need an owner for Mavs and we are ready to go


edit: I said Houston but I meant Mavs.

the team with lillard remains

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