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What should I offer for Hyde and Jeffery? WHIR

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1 pt. PPR.


My team:

QB: Brady, Luck

RB: Gordon, Hunt, McCaffrey, Kelley, Henry, Smallwood

WR: AB, Cooks, Davante Adams, Pryor


His team:

QB: Ryan, Prescott, Carr

RB: Hyde, Abdullah, Riddick, James White, Powell

WR: Jeffery, Parker, Marvin Jones, Wallace, Hurns


Unless somebody picks him up before I get a trade done, I'll be able to get Breida off waivers in case Hyde misses time due to injury or gets benched.  What should I offer for Hyde and Jeffery?

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7 minutes ago, bhawks489 said:

Hunt and AB should do it.


otherwise Gordon/Adams might work.


you can lowball and try mccsffrey/Adams but I doubt it

Should I offer either of those trades or would it be better to sit tight?

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1 minute ago, bhawks489 said:

Try and send mccaffrey/Adams. People seem down on Hyde for some reason so it could work

I'm guessing it's a combination of Breida and the injury that already showed up.  There's not a whole lot of depth at WR on waivers.  Is it worth going from Adams to Jeffery as my 3rd WR?

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If I'm the other owner, I'm looking at my roster and wondering what the heck I was thinking at the draft (there must be injuries at play here).  Then I see that you want the two players that I could most call "dependable".  And I'm asking myself "why would I give them up?"  So I think rather than offering bulk on players that aren't any better than what he has, you'll have to go with one stud.  That's what I'd want if I were in his shoes.  So that means someone from Gordon, Hunt and AB.  And are you willing to do that?  He'd probably jump on either RB, but the downgrade you'd take at RB is unnecessary since the upgrade at WR wouldn't be worth it.


I'm thinking pass.  If you really want Jeffery, you could throw Gordon out there.  But personally, I think Adams will outscore Jeffery anyway.


Return the favor?


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