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Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook


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8 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

Must add in all leagues?  How much FAAB on this guy?


Not necessarily. Still, Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden are being treated like league winners when there's no clarity to who's getting the carries. If Smith is somehow ahead of McFadden and he splits carries with Morris, and Morris disappoints while Smith shows off... he could very well be the back to own.

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9 minutes ago, HarambeLives said:

On the field for 3 of 74 snaps Sunday... I don’t know seems like a reach. 


And Alfred Morris had 5 of 74. McFadden had zero. Not saying Smith is the guy to own, but maybe the Cowboys like him more than we think.

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Picked him up today. Dropped DMC last week for a TE bye week filler. I am not too worried though. I feel my team can weather the storm. Big Cowboys fan here and I thought Smith looked awesome in the pre season. Were the Cowboys saving DMC for times such as this? It's possible. But ALF really does nothing special and DMC has a injury history. I will take a flier on Smith. Be can catch, block, and is shifty for a man his size. There's a lot to like here if he gets a chance. I believe he will.

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3 minutes ago, martinjlm said:

His metrics are through the floor. I'm not interested in a upper middle aged, unproven, undrafted street urchin.

Yep he is technically a fullback, it would shock me if he carved out enough of a role to be fantasy relevant even in deeper leagues

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2 minutes ago, Yceman1234 said:

A smile of nostalgia came to my face when I saw this thread, then I realized..


Rod Smart = He Hate Me

Rod Smith = He Hate Me Not


Man, this DAL RB situation sucks now...


Its a dart throw right now, some of us will come out winners, some losers, place your bets boys

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