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Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

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19 minutes ago, NinerLifer said:


I just dropped Dion Lewis for him

tbh that seems a little steep for basically a lotto ticket flier who by all accounts needs another 1 or 2 dominoes to fall his way before you get a payoff.  meanwhile Lewis is useful,  not a ton of upside but at least a high enough floor to use in a pinch

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1 minute ago, Evincar said:

Scouting report: http://www.dallascowboys.com/news/2015/10/15/scouting-report-new-rb-smith-looks-good-scheme-fit-dallas


Honestly not too impressed but he's still a good add. Thinking of dropping Aaron Jones for him.



yeah but that is from 2015, a lot can change in 2 years.  i say grab as many shares of the 3 guys as you can and just pray that it sorts itself out this weekend and then next week you'll know who you can start and who can be dropped

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That the Cowboys want to have a primary, lead back and not a RBBC is actually good news for Smith. I think his skill set is more well rounded than Morris. So while it may take a week or two for things to shake out, I like Smith’s chances.


now, maybe that’s wishful thinking because I have Smith and not Morris. But if I had Morris, I’d likely try and trade him right now.

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1 minute ago, konstao said:

I dropped watkins to stash prosise for thursday night, and as soon as this news came i've dropped prosise to pick him up



nice move, did a similar thing in a different league.  have the most shares of Smith, a couple of DMC, only one for Morris.  needless to say i hope it is Smith cuz that means i hit the jackpot.  but not holding my breath

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