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A.Kamara + M.Ingram + S.Shepard for E.Sanders + W.Gallman + W.Smallwood - WHIR (100%)

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With DJ injured and W.Gallman as my RB2 I'm looking to shore up my RB corps. The person I'm trading with just lost OBJ, and looking to shore up his WR's. (He also has D.Foreman, D.Johnson, and T.Coleman)


I give:

  • E.Sanders
  • W.Gallman
  • W.Smallwood


I recieve:

  • A.Kamara
  • M.Ingram
  • S.Shepard


Should I accept this trade?


Here is the team in question:

4-1 Record - 14 Team 0.5 PPR league (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, K, Def, 5 Bench)

QB - D.Prescott, C.Palmer

RB - K.Hunt, W.Gallman, W.Smallwood, D.Henry, D.Johnson

WR - D.Bryant, S.Diggs, E.Sanders, M.Bryant

TE - A.Seferian-Jenkins


As always, post a link and I will respond to your questions.

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I love the trade for you. Not only from a roster perspective does it makes sense but I think all the guys you are getting are or at least have the potential to be better than who you are giving up. If you look at the Saints backfield from last year there was enough points between Ingram (242 pts, RB8) and Hightower/Cadet (combined for 220pts which would be RB11) to support basically two RB1s. When you factor in that Cooks (Ted Ginn is his replacement and doing rather poorly) and Hightower and Cadet are out of the picture (originally Kamara and Peterson were their replacements but Kamara's success made him expendable) it leaves plenty of room for both Ingram and Kamara to be successful and minimally be RB2s especially in PPR. Both have a unique ability of catching passes and running between the tackles and are in a potent offense that will have to score a lot of points in order to win games thanks to their poor defense. 


Smallwood is solid and part of a good offense but I don't like him as much as either Ingram or Kamara especially with his recent knee injury (he also has a much smaller track record of success this season and since he was a lower pick than both Kamara and Ingram I'm going to assume he is less talented). Gallman falls into this boat as well except he is on a Giants team that will likely be awful and with Darkwa, Perkins and Vereen in that backfield he likely won't be a reliable fantasy option. 


Shepard is the clear beneficiary of all the Giant's injuries. He should get more targets than he'll know what to do with which should make him a solid PPR option and earlier this season he showed some big game potential. He is injured though and due to tough matchups against Denver and Seattle even if he comes back likely can't be relied on until after his week 8 BYE. I think he has immense upside though and minimally should rack up a ton of catches. 


Sanders is another guy who has decent upside and gets a good number of targets mostly on short routes making him a strong and relatively consistent PPR option. Having Thomas alongside him and a solid RB like Anderson helps him avoid defenses focusing in on him and also gives him stronger TD potential than Shepard. I'd probably take him over Shepard but only by a little and the gaps between the RBs is more than enough to make up for this (and primary reason you want to trade in the first place). You can start Kamara and Ingram at RB and flex and you won't have to rely on Shepard right away. With Dez on BYE and Shepard hurt you may struggle at WR this week but the upgrades at RB (and flex) for this week justify this and the future of your team is much brighter once both Dez and Shepard are back. 


Thanks for the help on mine!

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