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Give Antonio Brown for Fitzgerald & Duke Johnson?? **WHIR**

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Team is in signature.


.5 PPR, 12 team. Currently 2-2-1 (Freaking tie)


RB has been KILLING me. Just traded Ajayi for CJA & Alshon, today.


I give Antonio Brown.


I get Larry Fitzgerald & Duke Johnson.


Thanks guys!

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16 minutes ago, mvttchew said:

Had to do a double-take when I saw the title of this thread.

You'd have to be a mad man to consider this a fair trade (if you're the AB owner).


Thats what I thought too, but Duke and Fitz have been crushing in my league.


Thanks man!

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I'm not doing this - no way Duke keeps this production up on such few touches. I like Fitz early in the season, but you watch he will fade as the season goes on.

As long as you have some FAAB bucks you will hit something from the Waiver and Buck will cover you for those weeks until that happens


Help on mine if you can:


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