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Would you make this trade? WHIR ASAP

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Cooks is a little too bust for me. He is behind hogan despite what folks say. Giving up rodgers to mariota is a big step down and i think you are paying draft price for cooks...not now price.

I would look elsewhere honestly.  


See mine please


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I wouldn't do it since Cooks overall numbers look a lot better than his week to week numbers especially in PPR where there are much more consistent performers. Your current WR situation isn't that bad with Adams and Amendola both starting caliber options. I would have to see the rest of your team to better assess if its worth taking a hit elsewhere in order to improve there. I'm a fan of selling high on Buck Allen (once Woodhead and West are healthy he doesn't have a clear role and is part of a 4 headed RBBC) but don't think you are getting enough value back to compensate the drop from Rodgers to Mariota which is considerable especially when factoring in Mariota's injury concern (hammy's don't just go away and can be reoccuring injuries that can pop up whenever especially for a QB that depends on his legs often). 



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