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Dwight Powell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Was anyone else relying on Powell for some last minute stocks..?

Who ? 

That hot dog guy

5 hours ago, Gdupm6 said:

What are chances he sticks in starting lineup and/or gets , close to 30 min ? 


Thinking of rostering in 10 team league 


Already got scooped up in my 10 teamer. :(


1 hour ago, Foppatosakic said:


That hot dog guy



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7 hours ago, roflwaffle said:

Dropped dedmond for him last night! 


Tell me you picked him up back up somehow :P


Also on the notes of him starting, I think he has a pretty solid chance down the stretch to start if Dirk gets shut down. Even if Dwight isn't starting, as long as he gets a consistent 25 off the bench, he'll be solid for sure. High FG%, good at the line, rebounds, great knack for steals, low TOs...what's not to like?

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I remember a blurb from last year that he was working out a lot at the gym and getting swole, doing lifts and stuff. Maybe that's why he's getting better because he lifts bro!


Meanwhile you see blurbs like Emmanuel Sanders from last year where he said this year he was gonna quit "eating chicken nuggets". And I was like Nope pz Emmanuel and guess what, he had a down year.


Get to the gym!

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Don't know where this is coming from, but not complaining. Good bigs are hard to come by. Especially if they don't kill your FT%. This dude has been in the league 4 years now. Always on the wire, until now cuz' I scooped him and dropped Chriss like a hot potato. Got Dedmon too, numbers like that for a big are hard to come by. What Chriss should be doing.

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1 hour ago, chud12 said:

What’s this guys dynasty outlook?? I have offers for him where I could get a pick back in return. Is Powell just a ros value guy or does he have staying power when Dirk is done?? 


Definitely got staying power if Dirk gets shutdown. 

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On 2/17/2018 at 12:31 PM, Meadowlark said:


You're really asking an AC question, but short answer is take any picks you can get for him, unless he's going to put you over the top for a championship this year.


How is it an AC question when he's literally asking what this players future outlook/value is lol

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