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St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

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Read today that the Cardinals are going to go hard after Greg Holland as their new closer and it made me wonder what other moves they may be looking to make.  Any fans and/or experts have any insight?

Their outfield is a crowded room rivaling Arizona's outfields of the past.  Who is going to shake out as everyday players there?  Dextor Fowler will still be there, right?  Tommy Pham was the best of the endless auditions they had in the outfield this season so is he a given as a starter too?

If so this leaves us with Piscotty (a genuine shocker of a disappointment after his good 2016 season), Grichuk (the big engine that seemingly can't), rookie Harrison Bader and, dare I say it, Tyler O'Neil waiting in the wings all of which trying for the third outfield position.  And isn't their a guy named Martinez that did well but subbed more at 1B though he is also listed as an outfielder?

What is the rotation?  Carlos Martinez, Luke Weaver and ... uh?  Is Adam Wainwright still under contract?  Is Lance Lynn a free agent?  (If he is a free agent he could be a steal for some team in the free agent market given his price vs Darvish and Arrieta).  Will Alex Reyes be ready sooner than later from his Tommy John?  Is Mike Leake still a Card?

What happens with Jedd Gyorko next year?  Is he still the regular 3B?  Are their footsteps coming up from behind?  Went from 30 homers in 2016 to 20 in 2017.  Was injury involved or did he come back to earth?

Card breakout of the year Paul DeJong will still be at SS, correct?

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But Hicks was getting to meetings on time and wasn't dogging it.  That's the point.  Yeah be hard on someone like Yasil Puig but not on rookies that are doing their best.  Mentor them, not haze them. 

Not that it often matters a ton but what has Bud Norris done in this game to haze anyway?  Who the hell is Bud Norris to be pushing anyone?  Push them to what?  His mediocre career path?  Congrats dud

A trade for Machado doesn't make sense for the Cards.   1) He would almost certainly not be coming back.   2) This team arguably isn't good enough to be sticking in all the chips i

Fowler seems like a given with his contract and good OPS.


Grichuk was taken in the first round, just before Trout which I'm sure eats at their craw a little bit.  He will probably given a chance again in 2018.


Pham played like an all star, but with Piscotty, Bader, Martinez and some other OF prospects Pham could get traded.



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More gold from Goold. Like most SPs, Wacha, Weaver & Flaherty struggle the 3rd time through. To combat these struggles, Weaver is looking to add a 4th pitch (slider) while Weaver is trying to add the tailing 2-seamer. Article is free.


(Note: Machado's grand slam off Flaherty yesterday was a tailing 2-seamer that wasn't started enough outside and tailed right over the plate. Flaherty explains his thought process in the article.)



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Not very good.  The fans are letting DeWitt hear how cheap he is being.  Meanwhile the Cards are soliciting people for Opening Day.  This is the email they are sending out to last year's Opening Day attenders/Season Tixholders:


My name is Andrew Myer and I'm with the Front Office of the St. Louis
Cardinals. I wanted to follow up to the voicemail that I left you earlier
today and introduce myself as your Personal Cardinals Contact. I
would love to get to know you a little bit better since we will be working
together. Also, I saw that you had joined us for Opening Day here at Busch
Stadium in the past and we are currently offering past Opening Day
attendees a special discount so that you can join us again this year! If
you could please give me a call back today, my direct line at Busch Stadium
is 314-345-9370 Thanks I look forward to speaking with you today!

Andrew Myer
Direct Sales Representatives
St. Louis Cardinals



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4 hours ago, EmbargoLifted said:

Any cardinals fans with insight into the closer/bullpen situation?


As a fan, it's completely muddy. The most recent word in an interview with Mozeliak is that Leone likely would get the saves if the season started "today," but he prefaced that with the caveat that Gregerson is on the shelf "today" -- but not for much longer. So, the only clarity is that those are the two lead candidates right now. It was likely Gregerson before his little injury, but Leone has stepped up in the meantime. Time will tell if Gregerson will still get first crack at it, but he never exactly had a stranglehold on the job (Matheny has talked in interviews about not going in with a set closer), and it's possible Leone will continue to impress and start the season in the ninth. My gut says Leone prevails, but that's my feeling with where we stand now.

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I'll jump on the Leone bandwagon as well.

2nd straight season as a Birds fan that I have zero excitement for the coming year.

Feels like a 78-80 win team

Just so much depends on Pham and Dejong being great

Wainwright not being dead

Mikolas not being trash

Wacha holding up all year

Reyes coming back strong


Jedd, Carp, Yadi, Fowler... Meh

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2 hours ago, Caelum said:

Just a mild hamstring strain for Wainwright, apparently.


But enough to put him on the shelf for awhile:



Adam Wainwright will start the year on the 10-day disabled list with a strained left hamstring.


Wainwright was scratched with his start on Sunday, and Jack Flaherty will take his spot in the rotation. The injury is considered minor, but it's significant enough that the 36-year-old right-hander will need to miss starts. Expect to see Wainwright back on the mound at some point in April.
Mar 25 - 12:39 PM


Old folk players usually heal slower too.

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32 minutes ago, jahweedum said:

Why is this team 20-12?  Not that they are bad - but they don't steamroll their opponents ever and when you look up and down their roster you kind of go, huh


Pitching. Top 3 team era in all of baseball. Gant who was horrible was called up for was a spot start tonight so don’t read too much into the result tonight. Best player, Pham, was out tonight too. Molina being out for a month at least will hurt them.

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42 minutes ago, jahweedum said:

Why is this team 20-12?  Not that they are bad - but they don't steamroll their opponents ever and when you look up and down their roster you kind of go, huh

The pitching is solid, and they have one of the best players in baseball in Pham right now. Fowler, Ozuna and Carpenter are almost zeroes in the lineup, but DeJong, Martinez and Gyorko (now that he’s back) have helped Pham carry the offensive side. 


It’s not the sexiest lineup, but it works. I still think that given time, the other teams in the NLC can pull away, but they have staying power to be in contention all season. 

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The SP has also come through generally.  When Reyes is running at full speed, that will be quite a weapon once he is stretched out after some time in the pen to be a starting force come late August/September.

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Holy cow is their offense dead since they lost Molina (and, well, kinda before that too). I’m a fan but I’ll be streaming any SP I can against them. So many rally killers in that lineup right now. Unless Carp, Fowler and Ozuna get back somewhere near what they were before. Pham’s been great, Martinez, DeJong and Gyorko have just been OK, and that’s about it right now.

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