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As LM should I veto my own trade?

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My first trade offers are usually just starting points. "I'm interested in this player, here's a lowish ball package for him. Counter with what you think he's worth." And then we'll go from there.

I just offered the 0-5 team in our 12 team standard league Emmanuel Sanders and Hunter Henry for DeAndre Hopkins, and he accepted it. For context he literally does not have a TE. There aren't many viable ones in the WW and his other Wrs are Julio Jones and Brandin Cooks. 


Would it be wrong of me to push this through?

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I mean if the other guy legitimately thinks the trade makes him better who are you to tell him otherwise but if he is pleading you to veto it then I think you probably should since its a pretty bad trade and its not like Hunter Henry is doing that well this year. You also, need to weigh the league dynamics. If its a league of friends is it worth pissing everyone off in order to have this trade go through (especially if the league is for a considerable amount of money). If its with strangers (which I doubt in a LM league) then I wouldn't really give a damn, if the guy didn't like the trade he shouldn't have accepted it and screw what everyone else thinks. 

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