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Danny Green 2017-2018 Outlook

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Doubt he will play tomorrow, Spurs are reportedly resting 4-5 guys.


Confirmed resting: Ginobili, Gasol

Candidates for rest: Aldridge, Parker, Gay, Green


Geez...not sure if they can afford to rest Gay though with Anderson and Kawhi both still out. 

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Please drop him for good thank you

Omg here we go again lol baiting us

chasing the danny  

2 hours ago, blob2004 said:

The stocks are still here, he has just been banged up, and he typically does not require a lot of usage.


I think he will bounce back a bit so worth holding.


thats what i keep telling my self..the stocks even though the efficiency/numbers are not great...like if u can get 2..3 blocks out of position your golden.

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3 minutes ago, DoctorLove said:

Kyle Anderson is going to be a popular pickup with the Kawhi news, but is anybody getting excited about Danny Green now that Kawhi is out indefinitely?  [I realize excited might be an overstatement when it comes to Danny, but you get my drift]

Green definitely worth a shot if you have someone bad to cut. Ginobili is dealing with a thigh injury so plenty of minutes to go around. 

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i scooped him once i heard the news...WW is so bare in my league, so took a shot on Danny...


dropped Bojan as hes been doing nothing... so if Danny can at least get 2 3's a game, its a draw basiclly...so, im hoping for steal and a block and im good

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Advice: Green hit a big 3-pointer to give the Spurs a late lead, but Donovan Mitchell stole the ball from Manu Ginobili and the Spurs totally botched their final possession, as Kyle Anderson couldn't figure out what to do with the ball. Ginobili almost hit a circus shot to win it while falling out of bounds, but it didn't go in. Green had just four points in 22 minutes on Saturday and tends to follow good games with bad ones, which is why he's likely available in your league.


in what 9 cat league is a top 100 9cat player like danny available in? we talking 8 teamers now?


punt pts danny ranked 70

punt assists danny ranked 85

punt fg% danny ranked 82

punt assist and pts and we are talking boarderline top 50 player


i find it hard to believe danny is owned in less than 1/4 of leagues on yahoo. not like hes avging 1.7 threes, 1 steal 1.2 blk, 1.1 t/o. one of only a couple player to avg 1/1/1/1


edit- i guess i cant blast whoever wrote this post as he is only 25% owned but i will blast the leagues where he isnt owned





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