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Free 16 NBA Team Based League Looking For Owners

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Looking for active owners to fill out this NBA team roster based league.  


-Teams are randomly assigned at the time of invite.

-Must keep team name the same.

-Each team starts with 10 players from team roster prior to draft.

-Random draft order

-4 round snake draft to fill out roster.

-Free Agency is auction based.

-Must keep at least 7 players from that assigned team on roster at all times during the season.

-Team continues to own rights to any player traded in NBA, as long as player is on the teams active roster at time of trade.


Here is the link to view league.




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Kings, Magic, Hornets, and Lakers has assigned.



1. Brooklyn Nets 0-0  
1. New York Knicks 0-0  
1. Philadelphia Sixers 0-0  
1. Memphis Grizzlies 0-0  
1. Chicago Bulls 0-0  
1. Indiana Pacers 0-0  
1. Detroit Pistons 0-0  
1. Dallas Mavericks 0-0  
1. Sacramento Kings 0-0  
1. Utah Jazz 0-0  
1. Phoenix Suns 0-0  
1. Los Angeles Lakers 0-0  
Finger Roll
1. Atlanta Hawks 0-0  
1. Miami Heat 0-0  
1. Orlando Magic 0-0  
1. Charlotte Hornets 0-0  


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