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Trade AJG for Hogan & Cooks - WHIR!


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If you're very thin at WR, it's decent. Otherwise, no way.


Post your WRs. I'm a Cooks owner and he hasn't really put up WR1 numbers this season, the equation just seemed so easy in the draft, great player with Brees throwing him the ball, he's going to a Patriots team where arguably the best ever will be throwing to him, with Gronk/Ammendola/Hogan to draw coverage away from him. 


The first game was promising. Loads of targets. Would have had a TD had there not been blatant pass interference. Lately, though it seems Brady has been favoring Hogan and Ammendola more, and Gronk when he's healthy. 


Not sure how others feel about this strategy, but I'll play Ammendola and Cooks together many weeks. So when Brady drops back I'm giving myself a great chance he's going to hit one of my guys with a pass. I also own Gillisee/James White. Occasionally I'll play all four and I just know every drive I'm getting a decent bit of points. it's obviously a method that could very well fail if they start running with Dion Lewis/Burkhead or throwing to Gronk non-stop but depending on the match-up I like the strategy usually. Personally I've seen it give me much more solid points at WR than people that try playing three different WR1 from three different teams: ala Julio Jones, Mike Evans and Michael Thomas. They will obviously all get shadowed by the best corner of the team they're playing and it's not shocking when they put up goose-eggs. If you play Cooks/Hogan and they don't combine for a decent number of points as their floor, then they would've had t run the whole game or Gronk had a career game.

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