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Freeman/Gallman for Ajayi/Hogan or Ajayi/Dez? WHIR PPR


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Not sure I'd trade Freeman for either package since I'm not a fan of Ajayi who hasn't played well and neither has his offense and I see no clear reason that should change (I don't buy that Dolphins should get better just cause they can't get any worse; they can stay just as bad the rest of the season in which case this trade would be bad). A QB change could help things some but there is a reason why Dolphins brought Cutler in to start over Moore in the first place and I don't think Moore is an upgrade or their savior (their offensive issues aren't just tied to QB).


If I had to choose one I'd probably go with Hogan over Dez. I think Hogan's consistency has proven that his numbers aren't as flukey as they seemed to start and that Brady genuinely trusts him and his overall targets have gone up while his RZ targets have been fairly consistent. Dez on the other hand I believe will be hurt by Zeke's suspension as it makes the Cowboys offense more one-dimensional. Dez's issue thus far hasn't been lack of targets ( he is 6th in the league with 48) its more turning those targets into catches which is something that more targets won't help and Zeke gone will make more difficult (he'll get more defensive focus without Zeke). 

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I wouldn't trade Freeman as I'm not very high on Ajayi and Freeman is still a great RB.


The Hopkins deal I would contemplate however. Although I don't love Ajayi, he does have upside and I may be willing to take a shot on that upside when you're getting Dez back too. Would rather Hogan if you can do that.

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22 hours ago, HOF12 said:

Honestly I’d stay put. I don’t like Ajayi at all. Freeman has been playing great this yr. plus if you’re trying to make a playoff run he has a great schedule.

Thanks on mine


My thoughts as well.


Return the favor?

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