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To trade or not to trade? WHIR


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With Fuller I see: a) a great QB throwing him the ball in Watson b. Hopkins drawing the top CB from other team's D c. a recent JJ watt injury and subpar defense that may have them playing from behind often this year having to throw.


With Doug Baldwin I see a) an offensive line that allows approximately 1 second before Russel Wilson gets sacked b. someone that has the name that most people associate with a solid WR, but I feel is unlikely to produce at that level this year


Despite this I see Ajayi as a fair bit better than Blount but Blounts situation has gotten much better since draft night. Injury to Smallwood, serviceable offense that should get high goal line opportunities. While Ajayi has Jay Cutler as his QB. Yes, the same Jay Cutler that was absolute crap on the Bears all those years with Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte in his prime yet completely dropped the ball as far as the Bears doing anything because the man is a s--- leader, I literally never saw that man show any emotion, or an ounce of leadership, like Christ if you're at home and throw an Interception that is going allow Green Bay to win the game show that you care just a little bit. Seeing him look like he could care less as we were embarrassed time and time again, knowing he was collecting millions per game was sickening, I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said I could see a major regression for Ajayi with Cutler now QB. 


I honestly don't know how Cutler got such a huge contract in Miami. Sure he can throw the ball from point A to point B but nothing else a QB is suppose to do. Not once in countless years of watching that schmuck did I ever see him try to get his teammates fired up or the fans fired up. Zero leadership. As much as they called AB a "brat" or whatever else for throwing a water cooler after he didn't get passed the ball I would rather see that than the look of sheer indifference. Obviously AB isn't content collecting a huge paycheck regardless of the outcome of the game/his performance. 


TLDR: Will Fuller>Baldwin IMO, and Cutler is a cancer that will destroy any decent player he comes in contact with generally so I might be inclined to avoid Ajayi. I don't see a huge discrepancy in the trade either way, definitely don't see it as a "no brainer" "auto-accept".



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