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Jahlil Okafor 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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those poor 139 ppl added Emeka Okafor  

If you follow the advice on this board you will make 23.7 add/drops per week and end up in the exact same position in your league standings lol

Same position he played in Philly

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3 minutes ago, greatestmetfan said:


So you think Okafor will outplay Ibaka? I highly disagree because of Ibaka's blocks and 3s and just don't see Okafor magically becoming a better fantasy player then him.


I scooped Okafor but dropped Ersan Illyasova, don't drop relevant fantasy players for a guy who hasn't been relevant in over a year (and it didn't have to do with injuries!).

I wouldn't say that, just because they're totally different players. Okafor is more of an interior player who is a scorer. Ibaka gravitates towards the perimeter and is a 3 PT shooter who gets blocks. Totally different styles of play, so I'm not sure you can really compare them. 

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6 minutes ago, USWAY said:

His rookie year he averaged 30 min a night 17.5 Pts, 7 rebs, shot 50% from the floor, 68% from the line and had 1.2 blocks per game. 

wellll let's hope he does this again. i doubt that though. i remember that year in philly...everyone on the team was going off it was one of most fantasy friendly teams ever..then again, nets are very fantasy friendly too. but do we think he will play 30 min? maybe more like 25?

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20 minutes ago, MFNunique said:

From one bloated front court to another. I'm going to join the "wait and see camp." He would need to play 20 minutes at minimum to even consider a pick up. 


Are you in a 6 team league? Everyone from all types of leagues are rushing to pick him up. You are not going to have a chance to wait an see.

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