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Ibaka/Aldridge Deal. WHIR

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12 team standard 9-cat roto 


Just got offered Ibaka/Cauley-Stein for Aldridge/Adams


Seems like a very fair deal on paper but not sure which duo makes more sense given my team





G Harris








T Allen






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59 minutes ago, Ryantheriipa said:

I would snap that up. Love Adams (OKC fan), but i'm real high on WCS this year, plus I would trade LMA straight up for Ibaka anyway. 

Thanks I am going to try and see if he can add Eric Gordon for Hield but likely do it as a 2 for 2 if not. 

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Not a blockbuster deal, but I would do it.  Gonna get some nice bonuses in stocks and WCS > Adams this year.  Personally, I'd have waited at least for the first week of the season to trade, so LMA could soak up some value with Kawhi out/hurting, but it's still a very decent deal to make.

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You'll have to be comfortable betting on WCS to really up his ppg this year. The only sure thing in this trade is an increase in 3's-- you might get a slight bump in stocks, but I don't think it'll be significant enough to offset the potential points drop. Efficient points will be harder to find than 3's on the wire.

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