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1 minute ago, SteveD24 said:

who are you dropping a player to pickup ?  My initial thought was Rawls because the RB situation in Seattle stinks.


It's a single player IDP league and I completely forgot my IDP player was on bye so i need to drop someone to get a defensive player, don't wanna take a 0 at that spot. 

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I'd drop John Brown.  I'd still hold Murray for the moment.  It's not like McKinnon is particularly durable or good.  He had a good game last week but he's had good weeks before and then been worse than mediocre most of the time.  Rawls is a similar kind of situation.  Lacy seems like the better option but he's not exactly dominant so it would be good to hold onto Rawls.  The Cardinals WRs are too hard to predict for me to be wiling to deal with them on a regular basis and Brown missed games far too often so he's not likely to be useful when you need him.  If you're really set on keeping him, the next option for me would be Rawls.

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50 minutes ago, Bubbaganooosh said:

Mckinnon show rest of season

Everyone says this but I'm still not really sure why?  Murray is still the starter and he'll most likely get the goal line carries.


Take out McKinnon's long run last week and his YPC was actually worse than Murray's (2.17 vs 2.58).

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