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Trevor Siemian is my QB. WHIR

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In a 14-team, .5ppr league.

QB (Start 1): Siemian
RB (Start 2): Gordon, Gurley, Kamara, Tevin Coleman and JStew
WR (Start 2): Martavis, Tyrell, Moncrief, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and Doctson (hopefully have a season saver somewhere in here)

TE (Start 1): Jordan Reed, ASJ
WR/TE (Start 1): likely ASJ until further notice

So, other than needing a startable WR, you can see I need a QB.

Available is Carson Palmer as the only attractive option, but I sit 11th on the waiver wire. I passed on a trade to move Kamara to the Brady owner for Kirk Cousins. But I passed on that deal and may have burned a bridge.

With Siemian questionable, as well as his WRs, should I drop a player before MNF to pickup Tyrod Taylor?

I would then, put in a claim for Palmer, or pickup someone out of free agency. Top available are Bortles, Manning, Beathard, Hundley, and other trash. 

What would you do here?


Edit, currently 5-1, so I may be able to wait it out for a better option to hit waivers as bye weeks roll thru.

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