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Would you trade Tate for Fitz? WHIR 100%!

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I am in a 12 team 0.5PPR league, and have been playing Tate in my Flex.  I am looking to upgrade my team, and am thinking of trying to go for Fitz or someone to upgrade my WRs some.  The Yahoo trade projects a -10 for me in the trade, and a + 10 to the other owner in the trade with me trading away Tate and receiving Fitz.


Here is my current team:


QB: Cousins, Wentz

WR: M Thomas, Crabtree, Tate, Ty Williams

RB: Gordon, Martin, Powell, Jones, Morris

TE: Witten, Doyle

K: Elliott

DEF: MINN, NE (dropping)

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Tate is solid, but to be honest, if you can get Fitz for him, I would do that. Like jvfantasy said, he is the only WR Carson trusts & who knows how long Tate will be out. They say a couple of weeks, but I would take L Fitz all day. Thanks for mine & good luck!

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Fitzgerald has been great this year and, arguably, more consistent than Tate.


If you're looking for a high floor for your WR3, I think you definitely do this. If you're looking for a higher ceiling, it's not as clear cut b/c I think Fitz might regress a bit and Tate could take off - but, my money would probably still be on Fitz at the end of the day.


Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677756-big-trade-help-whir/

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