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Dieng and Josh Jackson for Clint Capella? WHIR 100%

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8 Cat roto league. 3G, 3F, 2C, 2Util, 7 bench spots so it is very deep


I trade: Dieng and Josh Jackson

I get: Capella


Other than Dieng, my bigs right now are Griffin, Aldridge, Towns, and Len. I feel like I am short on blocks and Capella can swat 5 any night. Would you make this trade? Leave a link

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9 minutes ago, akund said:

Who's available in FA? If there isn't much talent I might advise to stick with your guys. Though in a shallow league I think this is worth accepting.


Help me? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677028-hardenaaron-gordonvucevic-for-kdjokicrolo-whir/


No one is available on FA. Its a very deep league 

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1 minute ago, rotomonster3 said:


Is he gonna be special this year though? 

its a youth movement down there. I plan on him getting heavy minutes. Hes not gonna be a superstar out of the gate but hes gonna be solid as the season goes on

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