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I'm a bit confused by your build.

Capela and Chriss aren't enough to make you competitive in blocks, but they are enough to make you not compete in FT%. Love and Blake provide you some good stuff from the F spots, but stocks isn't what they do. 

I think you have a base to crush 3's and steals. I don't think you have the ability to be top tier in assists so you might want to pivot out of Collison and/or Blake. 

But first thing you might want to do is decide whether you are tanking FT%. I would guess there are a lot of other teams that are tanking FT% and have a big enough lead on you in blocks that that is not the ideal route to take. 


I am not a H2H guy so rate others' opinions higher than mine. My strategy in H2H would be cat killing as many cats as possible and tanking a few cats in the process. 

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Yeah bro ur build is all over the place. U can win 3s and are mediocre in fg ft points. Terrible at rebs and blocks. If I were u, if just tank blocks all together and trade Blake and love for better pieces. Try to get guys with all around stats like roco

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Blocks and FG% will be a problem but I think you are fine in the other cats.  See how the first couple of weeks go and then make adjustments.  Good luck.

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You need some balance to this roster, I'm not really sure you're good at a single category. You need to figure out a way to consolidate some stats.  Maybe trade a guy like Klove for a couple point guards, or give up on big men all together.  Or go for threes by trading chriss/capela for somebody like brook lopez

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It's...interesting.  I think you went for value in your draft, rather than need/fit.  It's not necessarily bad, but it does mean you're going to be limited in roster construction and you may need to make trades, or pickups (more difficult in deeper leagues) to balance your roster.


As said, at first glance, you've got the makings of a punt FG%/BLK team.  But Taj/Chriss/CC don't fit at all there; they don't get enough blks to keep you safe in that cat (even with off-position ones from J Rich and RoCo), and they don't shoot enough to anchor FG%.  Furthermore, the latter two are going to hurt FT%...maybe not to the level of a punt, but enough that you can't win it regularly either, especially with J Rich shooting and Blake's mediocre shooting.  


I think you'll be average in assists...it's a smaller league, so perhaps that's why it looks bleak, but you'll get some off-position dimes from Jingles and Blake to supplement your rather average PGs' contributions in that cat.  I think you're a near lock to win treys and perhaps steals.  Points aren't invincible, but you're strong there too, as well as boards. 


You went far too heavy into treys/points in your draft but you didn't punt anything.  Looking at your roster, I assume you went "Curry/Blake/K Love" for your first 3 moves.  Whether that's intentional or you just really like big name players, I think you should've immediately evaluated: "okay, I've got lots of points/boards/treys with a good base for assists, but there's very little chance I'm gonna win blks, so maybe I should think about punting."  Instead, you went for Chriss/Capela in the 4th/5th...not only is that REALLY early for either, even in a 14-teamer, but you're trying to balance a need that should've been punted (usually, I see this when fantasy drafters realize too late that they need a cat and start drafting similar average players in a row, rather than constructing a balanced roster).  A better pick for you in the 4th would've been Vooch, over Capela (assuming he's available in a deeper league in the 4th), and then a SF (Otto, if he was available in the 5th, though Melo/Harry B would've been fine) or another PG to bolster assists--Teague, for example.  You would've been very solid for %s, dominant in points/assists/boards/treys, and punting blks cleanly.


As it stands, I'd tell you to move Capela and Chriss immediately.  Taj seems like a late round pick, so I wouldn't care too much about dropping him for another cheap big, or simply keeping him.  Big men to target for your specific strat of punting FG%/blk would be guys like Ryno, Randle and Vooch.  None of them are truly appealing to me, but consider throwing out some feelers to see their value.  I would consider moving Mills in a package for one of them, simply because he's redundant.  By moving Capela/CC, your goal is to regain FT% at the very least (by virtue of moving them), and hopefully get a combo of assists and boards from them without their blocking potential.  Schroder fits the punt FG% as well and helps your assists, so he could also be a target.  And if nobody has Teodosic, he could be someone nice to grab off the wire (unlikely in a deeper league but still).  Good luck.

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