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Larry Nance Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook


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2 hours ago, XOrad10 said:


Who is going to play the 4 and backup 5? Who is going to play when they play small ball? Who doesn't need to score but provide counting stats?


the answer is Larry Nance. 


He is literally their only best defender on their big men list. 


Obviously we still need to see how the Cavs use him and who they pickup from the buyout market. 


He is must add if you can handle the points drop off and great FG% decent FT% & counting stats






Yeah he is only 1 guy that can play defense on the whole roster right now. He fits as a defensive anchor and will also be a crowd favorite cause he is from there. Can't wait till Sunday.

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3 minutes ago, RipCity0 said:

I only worry because he is a bad fit next to Thompson so in this specific team in my opinion he cannot play the 4. If Love was ok it would be a different conversation.

I think TT should be worried, not Nance..


either it will be time sharing, or Nance will just play more mins

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Looks like the only one they trust to start right off the bat is hill and i dont really blame them. He's the vet. The others will fall into proper value soon enough but hill looks like the best short term winner of the new Cavs players.

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3 minutes ago, jiiiggz said:

Don't let 1 game cloud your judgement on his ROS outlook. Cedi Osman won't start against bigger frontcourts and Kevin Love is still out for fantasy playoffs.

Maybe they will start Jeff Green though and not Nance. Of course I wouldn't drop, but it feels like it won't be as good as expected. 

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7 minutes ago, BetterCallHinkie said:

drop city or hold city?

If your impatient and thought he would just jump right in and put up big stats then drop if you don't mind someone else in your league rostering him or you just really dont need him anyway then yes drop.  If you are a patient owner and don't over react over single games and realize he just arrived with his new team and it may take a little while for him to get going then hold.  

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