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Marquese Chriss vs Thaddeus Young

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In a punt FT team I have both :P


Overall I like Chriss more, but will be slow to start the year. He has foul trouble, and Alex Len has played well in preseason. But Chriss could be a 1/1/1 guy. 


FG, Steals, TO - Thad > Chriss

Points, Boards - similar, but neither are really strong in these cats anyway

3s, FT, Blocks,- Chriss > Thad


In a roto setting I'd probably still go Chriss cos of the 1/1/1 factor

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Definitely Thad Young. I mean, Chriss does have the upside but he will be soooo inconsistent and he has foul trouble and will have to fight for the minutes. Thad Young offers you a huge amount of steals while not hurting you anywhere (ft is bad but on such small volume that it's negligible)


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As everyone has said above. I was keen on Chriss as well, but the more I read the more I realised that he's still a big work in progress. 


Go for Thad Young, without pg13 there's shots and points to be had next to Turner!




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I'll go with Chriss for the sheer upside. You'll be frustrated with him sometimes because of the shooting percentages and the fouls but it's worth especially with the threes, steals, and blocks he can give. Thad is good but I'll go for the higher ceiling player. He'll also hurt you a bit on FT%


Help? Thanks!


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