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What's the worst trade offer you've received (or offered) so far this year?

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53 minutes ago, Irish bayou said:

"J the only problem that ****and ****are having with the trade right now is that you're giving up three starters for one it needs to be more of an even doubt deal it's hard for us to approve a 3-1 trade like that. ....."

     this is a 12 team .5ppr money league .  They're still discussing it they say ...I think they feel the the Bell owner is getting too many good players ( I think he's the most valuable piece in fantasy n easily worth some wr2's and Doug Martin ) cmon man... what do I do here?


see if they'll give in if the bell owner adds his 2 worst bench player's so it's a 3 for 3?


I feel like a it's a fair deal. you're giving up depth for a stud

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Me and this foo I play with watching fantasy at the bar he tells me he'll offer his Cutler for my Carr. I laughed it off and he said Carrs a scrub I should get rid of him. I told him I would the most I'd give him is YoungHoe since he aint never had one. He crazy thinking ima give up Carr Raiders Nation 4 life homie. Showed that foo whose boss, he got me in my back, I got him in his face, this is when the real hardcore play fantasy foo, raiders nation, black hole till the world blow up



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