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Drop Flacco for Hundley? 100% WHIR

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9 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

Yes drop Flacco he's grossly overpaid and terrible. Go with the upside pick in GB's new QB 


Gee, you usually tell us to go with the rings even though that has no bearing on fantasy sports.  And last time I checked, Flacco was a world champion. ^_^


I'd go with Hundley.


Return the favor?

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I cant think of a QB situation in the entire league that I wouldnt take over Flacco. He has been historically bad.. I'd play Hundley over Flacco even if I had a crystal ball that said Hundley was going to get knocked out of the game right before halftime. 2 quarters of him is surely better than a full slate of flacco

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4 hours ago, PackerBacker555 said:

Backup/ bye week replacement.  Rivers on bye week 9

flacco plays tenn

hundley plays Detroit 


flacco has been awful anyways. Do I pick up the wildcard hundley?


Rough choice bro. I’d probably go for Hundley. At least he’s been in the system for awhile, and GB at least has some weapons. Tenn should theoretically be a good matchup too. Flacco’s been garbage, and Detroit is a good D coming off a bye. Roll the dice my man.


HTH - please answer mine!


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