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WHIR QB Streamer: Winston, Carr, Goff, Dalton, Roethlisberger

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Rodgers owner, looking for guidance on a week 7 streamer. Hopefully working out a deal to get Cousins after this week, but these are my options for now.


Winston (currently own) vs. BUF - AC sprain has me worried he won't play, start and then get pulled, or just play poorly against a strong defense.


Carr vs. KC - Decent matchup, but Carr and the whole Raider offense have obviously struggled huge lately. Plus is that Raiders will probably be down early and forced to pass.


Goff vs. ARI - Arizona's surprisingly let up a lot of points to qb's this year. Goff has struggled recently against top defenses, and the Rams have focused on a ground attack.


Dalton vs. Roethlisberger - Both qb's have struggled and face good defenses.


Pretty much all bad options, which one is the best/least worst?

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Is Beathard FA in your league? I'm using him as a 1 week streamer. Dallas DST is BAD and with Elliott playing, I see alot of game scripts with Beathard having to throw and connecting a lot more than people may think.

I'm starting Beathard over Dalton & Goff in your situation. 

I had Watson & Dalton on my team (Luck IR), and I decided to pick up a 4th streaming QB. That's how much I'm staying away from Dalton lol. 

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