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Smart went for extra credit with a 1 for 6 from the line tonight... now that is some high level anti siege castle fortifications

Justin and Jrue must be building Sand castles. Even on Holiday they are laying bricks...   I'll get my coat...

Man, Marcus Drummond is coming out of the gates looking like he will run away with the Brick Layer of the Year. Not even his refined shot technique can stand in the way.

3 hours ago, VaTerp said:

Other than Boogie erry friggin body in my lineup shot worse than my 9 year old girls team.


Wall 4-15

Bogdan- 3-10

Oubre- 2- 11

Porter- 2-8

Aminu 2-10


Combined 13 for 54 for a sparkling 24%.

KOBE BRYANT would be proud of your team.

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8 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

probably worst 2 day stretch of the year for my team


tonight-  dj, turner,  redick, winslow, oubre jr combined 2/28

Impressive, especially w 2 centers in there. Not a lot of shots for 5 players though.

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