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Austin Rivers 2017-18 Season Outlook

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Clippers sideline reporter

"Austin was getting closer but in the last couple of days working out he has suffered a little bit of a set back with discomfort in the foot. Going to get a second opinion, no timetable on return"

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Elliott Teaford

Per #Clippers, Austin Rivers has a right ankle impingement (a bruised heel in layman's terms), further testing revealed. He'll be sidelined for two weeks when he's re-evaluated.

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On 1/13/2018 at 4:51 PM, HelloMelo said:

So he's back in 10-11 days. Worth the stash? I believe so. What does everyone else think?


He is unfortunately worth it. For some reason this bum gets minutes due to his pops even though the team has clearly played better without him.


He puts up stats when he plays though so he's worth it. Sorry I just hate this guy lol

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So, what's the deal?  When he gets back, is he the 6th man?  Assume no trades.....DJ, Blake, Rooster, LouWil, and Milos.   Milos has started every game he's been available this season...he's the point...and Doc jr shouldn't be PG anyways.  Do you send one of the most electric players back to the bench? Lou Williams is why they are still in the playoff hunt.  Run a 3 gaurd lineup and 6th man, Danilio?


I just can't see how he goes back to playing Heroball when he comes back.  Danilo said 2 weeks. So....does he go back to what he was at the beginning of the season..with maybe a slight minutes bump? OR does he bump Lou to the bench, in the worst move in clippers history (outside of not trading Rivers for Melo)


I have him and am thinking about trying to get rid of him, with trade partners only looking at the glorious game log from before he was hurt.

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