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Tyreke Evans 2017-2018 Outlook

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An MRI on Tyreke Evans' ribcage revealed slight cartilage damage, but he's considered day-to-day. He's already been ruled out of Monday's contest vs. Boston, but he dodged a bullet here. "We're

This is ridiculous!! Why exactly do players get paid to sit for rest?  The NBA should be ashamed of themselves.  How you can let teams that are clearly benching their players to increase their odds on

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11 minutes ago, juan01 said:

He needs to land somewhere soon before I decide to drop. He was ballin' this year!


Usually teams sit player 1-2 games before he is traded to ensure he is injury-free. 


This let's sit Reke until we hear the best offer thing is so unprofessional. Not like Reke cares because he is still getting paid, but I have never seen this long of a DNP due to this reason. Total BS.

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16 minutes ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

Again, Memphis? Joke.


Hard to believe Reke will be motivated now given the circumstances plus given how he was treated.


11 minutes ago, JohnnyTsunami said:


He can possibly ask for a buy out too, lets see


From Tyreke's previous comments, he seemed to like it in Memphis and understood why they were trying to move him.  It wasn't that they didn't want to keep him. They were trying to trade him because they didn't think they were going to be able to resign him after this year so they wanted to get some value for him. They could have moved him for less than a first round pick.  But they didn't. Now that they have Lou Will's contract for comparison, they are probably looking now to re-sign him for that type of money.  So I don't see a buyout happening.  

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I wouldn't worry about Evan's motivation, but I think this was pretty dumb by Memphis.  If anything, it's just going to result in them getting a worse draft pick.  They're not going to be willing to pay him the money he can command elsewhere.  If he avoids injury, the dude is in his prime and can ball, he'll be making money elsewhere.  

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1 hour ago, poopoojoe said:

I don't understnad why he wouldn't be motivated. This is a guy playing for his next contract, dude is trying to get paid. 


Because Memphis just sat him out because he was supposed to be getting traded to a contender.


Now not only is he back with Memphis -- an awful team -- but he knows that no team out there thought he was worth a first round pick.


Oh yeah and Memphis didn't want to keep him either (hence the aggressive marketing sales efforts)


I guess he could be motivated to prove people wrong, but you have to admit it's a disheartening turn of events.

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7 minutes ago, NBA_OG said:

I really think there is a big chance Memphis shut him down early or just not even play him at all.

Why would they ever do that? They want to resign him next year, if they do this he will 100% leave. He is going to play. 

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He's not playing until Sunday so he has a couple days to get motivated.

I'm just glad to get his stats back.

He has only played two games of the last nine and guess what - memphis won those two games and lost all the others.


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21 minutes ago, Soccer8098 said:

Why would they ever do that? They want to resign him next year, if they do this he will 100% leave. He is going to play. 

Because if they do and Tyreke plays like all star again, Memphis will have to pay more to retain him. Plus he is unrestricted free agent.  It's business!   I think they'd spend the rest of season take a look or develop their youngsters like Andrew Harrison.

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