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Tyreke Evans 2017-2018 Outlook

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An MRI on Tyreke Evans' ribcage revealed slight cartilage damage, but he's considered day-to-day. He's already been ruled out of Monday's contest vs. Boston, but he dodged a bullet here. "We're

This is ridiculous!! Why exactly do players get paid to sit for rest?  The NBA should be ashamed of themselves.  How you can let teams that are clearly benching their players to increase their odds on

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Got him on the IL on one of my rosters. Waiting to see if he plays again before I activate him. I'm way ahead this week, so no problems. Wanna be sure he plays again before I drop somebody like Bullock and miss them next week. Reke balled out this game, though it was against the Bulls.

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27 minutes ago, chud12 said:


Why cut Portis??  He’s been great. 

Evans just fit my build better. Its a Roto league and I have to be good ROS in REB, AST and PTS to overtake the 1st place in those categories to win my league. Plus Portis had this disgusting shooting nights and I feel like he is prone to shooting 2/8, 3/9, 1/6 every other night. Oh yeah and it was a trade, as we do not have a trade deadline in our Roto league.

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thanks for the notice, grizzlies.   Now, i have a guy who is out in my SG slot with a perfectly good SG on my bench.

Tyreke's first game back,  they lost at the buzzer and his second game back, they won.

surprisingly, they decided not to play him tonight.

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1 hour ago, Tekno Team 2000 said:

Memphis really has no shame at this point - I thought as a franchise they were better than this.

I agree, but now every team is like this so what do they have to lose?  San Antonio, Cleveland (they haven't been good enough to afford to do it this year, but they have in the past so I'm counting them), Golden State, Chicago...and of course, the king of them all, the Phoenix Suns.

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