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Who wins???

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its not a bad offer but i mean id rather have cousins and play my luck on the WW with the other 2 spots that id be "upgrading"


but if your high on tatum since hes getting big mins and now Lin is done so crabbe could be solid i could see someone else wanting to do it 


but yea, cousins for me

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Just now, Clubber Lang said:

Thanks. Keep in mind this is a very deep league. WW doesn't have much at all.


cousins just is a stud and is young and i dont ever see myles turner being on cousins level im sure you can find something on WW unless your rosters are super deep


basketball is so hot and cold with lower tier players its crazy what u can pluck from waivers and trading away cousins is a huge roster change so give it a couple weeks and see how the streaming strategy goes i doubt the other guy will change his mind that fast on getting a stud like cousins

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Thanks for the help on my thread.


I'm on the side of Turner.  Tatum's and Crabbe's minutes are due to increase because of injuries and with that, their production should increase.  It'd be a tough pill to swallow giving up Cousins though as a keeper, so I guess it depends on whether you value short-term gain over long-term.  Turner for short, Cousins for long.  I'm in a 14 team too and its hard to stream since the WW is a wasteland.

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