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Rank these players: James Johnson, Thad Young, Tatum, Tobias. WHIR

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I would go 


1. Harris

2. James Johnson

3. Tatum

4. Thad Young


Tatum is purely off of potential with more minutes opening up with the Hayward injury.  He's already proven he can put teh bucket in the hoop and Stevens playing him heavy minutes is encouraging.


Can you help with mine?


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1 minute ago, fantasyraps said:

College stats is a completely irrelevant argument.
Opportunity now also does nothing in separating him from the other 3, who also have amazing opportunities if I may say so myself.



I was being sarcastic, didn’t catch the sarcasm??  Tatum has nowhere near the value JJ and Harris have.  

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I agree with you, that JJ and Harris are pretty much leagues above Tatum currently.  Tatum's ceiling I think is essentially their expected production.  However, if I'm choosing someone between Tatum and Young, I'd choose Tatum.  Both are are pretty low ADP's and at that point, I'm looking for a HR.  

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Uhhh...don't really want to get TOO much into the argument here, but as a reminder, MM is out for the Celts, and his return will definitely cut into Tatum's time, given the latter is a rookie and the former has been proven to handle heavy minutes effectively; also the Celts are gearing to be contenders, even without Hayward, so they need their first unit to gel together...probably better to have a vet like MM over a rookie like Tatum in the starting lineup.  That being said, Tatum's last few games were impressive and his rebounding is a pleasant surprise.


My money's on JJ > Young > Toby > Tatum.


You can see I'm aiming for stocks and treys first here over points, as it's harder to find those for your SF/PF position.  Maybe I'm ranking Toby a bit lower, but it's because I drafted him last year (fairly high, or at least higher than I should've) and he wasn't really anything more than points and some boards with a stock or a trey.  Tatum is low, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him skip any of these guys; I'm just ranking him here due to the nebulousness of his role and opportunity.


Any advice?


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