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Kuzma, Wesley Matthews ( waiver 3) , Prince, Danny Green, Oubre jr., Levert,, T. Booker, Crabbbe, Powell


Who to drop?


Team 1 Standard 9-cat, 10-team, h2h

PG John Wall,  Lonzo Ball, Jeff Teague, Jamal Murray

SG Gary Harris 

SF Brandon Ingram,  Joe Ingles

PF Anthony Davis, Derick Favors, Marquese Chriss

  C Marc Gasol, Marcin Gortat, Clint Capela

IL: Zach LaVine


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It's tough I'd pick up either Prince or Crabbe.  Oubre I'd watch and see if he sustains these minutes once Morris comes back.  


That said, the two I'd drop are Murray and Chriss, but those are two tough pills to swallow.  Both are in positions to succeed with their respective team and should improve as the season goes along.  I'd ultimately wait and see because obviously one game is too small of a sample to predict future performance on these two high ceiling players.


Can you help with mine?


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Wow that was a quick bump.  lol.


Hey man, already gave my recommendations about Chriss in our thread, but I'll tell you again not to drop him.  It's one game.  Foul trouble will forever be a worry with him, but he's not gonna come off the bench forever, especially when the Suns are getting blown out and absolutely spanked on the glass.  (IMO they need Warren to come off the bench and Chriss to start with Tyson).  I'd rather drop Ingles over him.


I'd do the same with Murray.  I don't like him nearly as much, but he'll get minutes without Jameer.  Pretty clear he's won the starting role over Mudiay.  However, I'd say Prince, then Crabbe (if he continues to play well and get minutes), then perhaps Wes would be my adds.


Stay patient and don't make any rash decisions just yet.  Everyone's adding and dropping players, and it's only been two games into the season...I get dropping Hayward/Lin, or a trash player for someone like Jaylen, but if you've got upside, you might as well give them a one-game pass before dumping them.


Help here?  (you already answered in our thread, but I have more context/options).


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